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Agile Inception: align the team for success

Techniques to allow teams to align on what they are going to deliver.

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What is Inception?

The aim of the Inception stage of a project increases the team's confidence in the costs and benefits involved. This is done by allowing teams to understand the project and break the idea down into medium sized blocks that can be prioritised and delivered using a Just In Time approach.

The output of Inception is a Go / No Go decision for the project now the team has a more detailed understanding of the effort involved and the expected returns.

The Work


Usually lasting up to 10% of the overall project time frame, Inception helps the the team to form around understanding the project delivering the right things at the right time. This gives a shared sense of purpose and allows them to adapt to priority changes from the Product Owner by providing alternatives that align with the product vision.

Discovery Overview

During Inception, we ask and propose answers for:

Who will be involved?
What are we planning to build?
How do we prove our success?
At what points can we pivot?
How do we minimise risk?
When will the benefits be delivered?