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Agile Discovery and rapid customer centric validation. Quickly prove ideas will deliver expected benefits before investing money in them.

Discovery Cheat Sheets

Cheat Sheets, Crib Notes, Reference Guides... call them what you want, but we all need help sometimes remembering the steps involved when undertaking tasks.

Provided as A3 sized one pagers, the cheat sheets below are designed to provide that help to session facilitators who are using the Discovery Toolkit to validate ideas.


  • Discovery Overview

    The Discovery stage is an early sense check to confirm the idea is worth progressing. Usually lasting up to 5 days in total, this stage is all about helping the Product Owner in choosing the right solution to invest in by identifying options, getting feedback from users and understanding the wider impact of the change. The aim of the Discovery stage is to form the idea into a valid concept so the team can refine the cost and benefit estimates by clearly articulating what they are going to do and why.

  • Concept Card Template

    This cheat sheet covers the Tactic itself and how much we understand the idea.
    This template helps practitioners to work with stakeholders to define the idea behind each tactic and what it is expected to do. This lightweight approach can help to quickly create the shared understanding needed to provide estimated costs and benefits for each tactic.

  • Just In Time Analysis - PTEST Artefacts (A0 Size)

    This large poster shows how requirements are decomposed from Projects to Sub-Tasks.

    This cheat sheet shows which level of PTEST requirements (Project, Theme, Epic, Story or Sub Task) should be investigated at which point within RRPD to avoid waste.

  • PTEST Artefacts Hierarchy (A0 Size)

    This A0 cheat sheet shows how the PTEST (Project, Theme, Epic, Story or Sub Task) hierarchy can be used to guide estimation and confidence. It also shows how different levels of the organisation interact with the framework to enable stakeholder management.

  • BAD Loans Company - Discovery (A0 Size)

    This cheat sheet shows the artefacts needed to rapidly validate the idea.

    The download shows how the BAD Loans company proves the concept that building a self service portal for its customers will reduce the volume of calls to customer services.



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