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Agile Discovery and rapid customer centric validation. Quickly prove ideas will deliver expected benefits before investing money in them.

The Toolkit

The purpose of Discovery is to find out if an idea is viable. The techniques used during Discovery are designed to reduce the risk of building the wrong thing, whilst swiftly determining how to deliver the solution (or not). To do this we establish whether the idea is: Feasible, Usable and Valuable.

Usually lasting up to 5 days, Discovery helps the Product Owner choose the right solution to invest in next. This avoids pre-determined solutions by gaining early feedback from end users whilst rapidly refining the initial estimate.

  • Impact Map

    Impact Map

    Defines the functional scope of the concept, and answers questions such as: Why Build This? Who is involved in incpetion, build and launch? How are actors impacted by the solution? What changes are needed to deliver the goals?

  • Design Prototypes

    Design Prototypes

    Focuses on End-to-end user flows to show how customers will use the concept by answering questions such as: Who are the users? How will they interact with the product? Why is this an improvement? Do all users need all features before launch?

  • Technical Design Passport

    Technical Design Passport

    Looks at the technical impact of the idea to identify which systems are impacted and to what extent. Answers questions such as: What do we need to build? What are we depricating? What are the risks? What are the VROM timescales?

  • Business Capability Heatmap

    Business Capability Heatmap

    Shows the ripple effect of introducing the concept within the business. It answers questions such as: How will Business Operations change? What are the areas of new capabilities? Which teams / working practices will be disrupted?

  • Concept Card

    Concept Card

    A one page summary to review the product idea, business driver, customer base, solution, key metrics. The Concept card looks as decisions around the what it is we intend to build, why and what's the benefit.



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