The Elevator Pitch

What is it

Elevator pitches are a succinct way of explaining the reasons for doing an initiative, project or product. It explains what and why in a single structured sentence.

Why do we need it

We often start with slightly different and even competing views of what we are about to undertake. The Elevator Pitch is a simple and practical way to get everyone on the same page, even people who join the team later on its journey.

Who uses it

Typically, the Elevator Pitch is crafted by the initial team tasked with delivering the project. This will likely include stakeholders, product owner and members of the initial delivery team.

How long will it take

Typically, it should only take a few minutes to agree an initial Elevator Pitch.

How do you do it

The Elevator Pitch is a structured sentence:

  • For [target customer]
  • who [statement of need or opportunity]
  • the [project name]
  • is a [product type, e.g.; Mobile App, Web Site, Customer Portal, etc]
  • that [key benefit, compelling reason to buy],
  • unlike [primary competitive alternative]
  • our project [statement of primary differentiation]


  • For Internet Users
  • who need to find specific web services and content
  • the Google Search
  • is a simple web page and search engine
  • that delivers extremely accurate results rapidly,
  • unlike Yahoo
  • our project will help internet users get to their desired content in a highly accurate, simple and efficient way


  • Don’t spend too long on this. Don’t over think it
  • The sentence can be long, but not too long. Remember this is an Elevator Pitch, something we should be able to express in less than a minute between floors on a lift

Hints and Tip

  • Ideally, the Elevator Pitch is “owned” by the Product Owner
  • Post it on the walls
  • Share it with new team members
  • Review it regularly, especially if you are likely to change direction