VMOST in Practice – Ten Top Tips

When everything you see needs to be improved, where do you start? Well, you start with a VMOST. This is a fantastic tool for getting your stakeholders to agree on a common direction, because done properly, it enables everybody’s thoughts – at whatever level they happen to be – to be captured and contextualised. Nobody gets… read more »

Case Study – NHS Digital VMOST

Background NHS Digital has a bold vision: To harness the power of information and technology to make health and care better and uses VMOST Canvas to visualise and plan how they will achieve it. VMOST VMOST is a simple and effective structured approach to help organisations to plan and focus effort on moving forward aligned… read more »

Introduction to using WSJF

What is it and when do I use it? WSJF is short for Weighted Shortest Job First and is an effective technique for the prioritisation of work based on Return On Investment (ROI). What is it for? What? Why? Takes the emotion out of prioritisation WSJF facilitates a conversation focusing on elements like Business Value,… read more »

VMOST Mission Board – Overview

What is it and when do I use it? The Mission Board is an Agile strategy planning tool which allows teams to identify what they want to do and why. It focuses on the rapid creation of a strategic plan by getting teams to linking a backlog of ideas (Tactics) into the context of how… read more »