Publishing Guidelines

At The BAD Toolkit, we want to help to show how you overcame the challenges currently facing others.  In order to do this we have 3 golden rules that we adhere to:

  1. We don't charge to access any information
  2. We provide enough information for anyone to implement the solutions or approaches without having to leave our site
  3. We credit authors and contributors of the solutions.

That's it.... It's really that simple... The rest of this page simply provides a bit more information around these three rules and how you can help us stick to them.

How to it works

The publishing process is a simple 5 step process that is designed to get your article on the wiki as quick as possible.

  1. Submit an idea via the portal - this could be a written article or another format (such as an attachment or link to blog post)
  2. Submission is picked up and reviewed by us to ensure you haven't missed anything.
  3. We will contact you to confirm any queries, and to get your final confirmation on publishing it
  4. You agree to the final version
  5. We publish it on the wiki.


Terms of submission - Intellectual Property & Moral Rights

As part of inclusion within The BAD Toolkit, the process defines the author  as the person making the initial submission, the work as the information being provided at any stage of the process (either in post, article, cheatsheet, attachment or other format submitted), and the publisher as The BAD Toolkit Ltd. To clearly define responsibilities and expectations, the following terms of submission apply.

The Author acknowledges the following:

  • They are the author of the Work, or have the authority from any other parties involved, to offer the information into the public domain 
  • Have obtained any necessary legal, moral or intellectual permissions needed prior to submission to the publisher
  • Any use of additional work by other parties have been referenced as part of the submission
  • The work will be made available to all users globally via an open-source licencing model. This may affect any rights to which the Author may be entitled pursuant to Sections [77], [80] and [84] of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 and any other moral rights provided for under the laws now or in future in force in any part of the world in relation to the exploitation by the Publisher its successors, assignees and licensees of the Work.
  • No rewards (either financial or otherwise) for submitting work to the publisher will be forthcoming
  • No casual or inadvertent failure by the Publisher or by any third party to comply with this provision shall constitute an infringement of this right and in the event of any infringement the Author agrees that the Author shall not seek injunctive relief and the sole remedy of the Author shall be a claim for damages.
  • That it is necessary for the purposes of publication for the Publisher to have the right to make alterations to the text of the Work in order to make corrections and conform the text to the Publisher’s house style and also for the purpose of authorising translations of the Work and for removing any material which might, in the opinion of the Publisher, be actionable at law or which might damage the Publisher’s reputation or business interests and also for the purpose of complying with the advice of the Publisher’s legal advisers and for other general copy-editing purposes. 
  • The Author consents to the exercise by the Publisher of such rights and agrees that the product of such exercise shall not be capable of being considered a distortion, mutilation or derogatory treatment of the Work.

The Publisher acknowledges:

  • To keep a record of the details of the submitting author
  • They will endevour to publish the work under a model which ensures attribution by the author
  • Not to publish personal contact information 
  • To provide authors with a final draft of the work prior to publishing