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One of the great things about Agile is that a specific tool or approach may be implemented slightly differently depending on the environment it is being used in.

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Within the BAD Toolkit we recognise that there is more than one way to skin a cat and we'd like you to share your experience and  techniques with what works for you. This will allow you to share your personal and organisation brand within a community that is built on using techniques that are proven to work.

Whether its a new approach you've created to solve a problem, or you've adapted an established technique to fit a specific purpose, please use this form to tell us what works for you....

Read our guidelines

Please take time to read The BAD Wiki posting guidelines before submitting your idea as they explain the publishing process. The guidelines also include information on IP as well as other publishing rights.

Get in touch

Use our contact form to tell us about what you are doing. Don't worry - we won't publish anything without your explicit agreement... so don't forget to provide your contact details to let us get in touch!

Contributors often find it easier to include attachments (slide deck, cheat sheets, sketches, photos, etc.) to explain the concept, so you can also send an email to us at if you'd like to include additional information.

Create the content

We will work with you to create a draft page for the toolkit. This will include crediting you and your sponsor organisation (if applicable), as well  as ensuring that the content and images fit in with our guidelines... no sensitive data, content that contains enough information for others to try your approach, you get the idea.

Publish the technique

Once you are happy with the draft, give us your say so and we will publish it - it's as simple as that!