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Rapid, Repeatable, Predictable, Delivery, or RRPD gives teams the ability to create a lean but structured IT delivery capability supported by an agile strategic planning framework. This is done by building on Agile and Lean values to rapidly move through stages gaining increasing confidence in the idea. The stages create pivot points where priorities can be re-assessed and effort optimised.


The following Toolkits are used within RRPD


    The VMOST Canvas allows teams to understand how changes in their organisation fit in with its strategic direction and how to maximise ROI.

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  • Discovery

    The Discovery Toolkit is a rapid sense check of the idea by identifying options, getting feedback from users and understanding the high level impact of the change.

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  • Inception

    The Inception Toolkit increases the team's confidence in the costs and benefits by breaking the concept down into medium sized values blocks that can be delivered using a Just In Time approach.

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  • Delivery

    The Delivery Toolkit focuses on a two-stage Just In Time approach to optimise delivery efficency. Elaboration allows the team to break the medium size blocks down whilst Construction allows the team to productionise the process through a repeatable format.

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  • Devops


    Post go-live, Transition & Evolution supports the product and defines the team's next steps. Monitoring how the product is being used allows the team becomes a Dev-Sec-Ops funcion building rapid release cycles and re-visiting the original success criteria to either evolve or pivot.

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The examples below show how RRPD can be used across various industries.

  • The BAD Loans Company

    Implementation of the RRPD blueprint within a Fintech environment. This example illustrates how an idea (a self service customer portal) transitions from strategic alignment through to go-live.

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