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What is RRPD?

Rapid, Repeatable, Predictable, Delivery, or RRPD gives teams the ability to create a lean but structured IT delivery capability supported by an agile strategic planning framework. This is done by building on Agile and Lean values to rapidly move through stages gaining increasing confidence in the idea. The stages create pivot points where priorities can be re-assessed and effort optimised.

Insight & Vision

Insight & Vision

Vision allows teams to demonstrate how their idea fits within the bigger picture.

The VMOST Canvas is a strategy planning framework that rapidly allows stakeholders to gain a high level understanding of desired changes in their organisation, and how they fit in with the strategic and long term vision of the business.

By utilising VMOST, teams can put their idea in context and prioritise other changes, creating pivot points within the backlog to ensure that they are constantly working on the idea that offers maximum ROI.

Example Outputs