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Which tools do I need?

What is The BAD Toolkit?

The Blended Agile Delivery (BAD) Toolkit is an open source set of tools and techniques that help Portfolios, Programmes, Projects and Teams efficiently plan and deliver managed change within Lean and Agile principles.

The toolkit offers a practical approach to the prioritisation, planning and execution of delivery and transformation initiatives. It is the culmination of decades of experience as well as leveraging the experience and knowledge of thought leaders across the globe.

How does it work?

BAD.Tools provides its community of practitioners with practical tools and practices to help make delivery and transformation predictable and adaptive to change.

It does this by splitting the Toolkit into two groups - the TOOLS which are the proven agile methods and techniques, and the SOLUTIONS which are a sub set of tools that combine to solve a single problem in a proven way. Any person or company may contribute and will be attributed as sponsor and / or source. All contributions are reviewed by a board of experienced delivery experts to ensure that quality is maintained.

How can I use the toolkit?

Originally created as a way to shift left and achieve the delivery of the right things within scaling organisations, the toolkit has quickly became popular amongst both agile consultants and their clients.

The toolkit's modular nature combines tools and techniques from a number of sources covering a wide range of sectors and organisation types:


Individuals who use the tools within the toolkit. Practitioners often share an interest in a particular aspect of the toolkit, such as product delivery or organisational growth.


Organisations who use the toolkit or its components. Adopters target specific problems with the proven solutions, backed by a repository of open source information.


Individuals who feedback into toolkit. Contributors share their experiences and knowledge with the BAD community to constantly keep the tools and solutions up to date.

Open Source Framework

We believe that the BAD Toolkit contains some of the most simplest yet most powerful agile tools and frameworks available and that when adopted it can facilitate industry change by ensuring that investment is spent in the right areas.

This is why we have released the BAD Toolkit as an independent open source framework that you are free to use and improve on rather than hiding it behind a subscription model or keeping it as restricted intellectual property under a copyright framework.

We have found that the best way to distribute information relating to the BAD Toolkit is by using a Creative Commons Attribution License. This acts as an honesty system which allows you to use anything you find on this site - all we ask in return is that you reference if you do.

For more information about the licence, please visit the create commons website -

New Additions to the BAD Toolkit

New tools and techniques are being added all the time. Click the tools below to view the new additions.