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VMOST Canvas

The VMOST Canvas is an agile strategy framework and planning tool which allows organisations to focus on aligning their ideas for change to ensure they deliver their vision.

It is a core Business Analyst / Business Architect technique, and aligns with budgeting and financial planning to optimise Return on Investment within IT.

The Framework
VMOST - Vision


The vision is where the organisation sees themselves at a set point in the future (such as in 5 years time). Futurecasting is often used to describe the vision as "A place where..."

VMOST - Missions


If the vision is where we want to be, missions are the big blocks of change to get us there. Missions are action oriented and explain what will happen at a high level to change the status quo. Reaching a vision may require a number of missions to be completed.

VMOST - Objectives


Objectives are check points to inform us if we have completed an individual mission or not. Usually they are in the form of KPIs which are set when the missions are identified. Objectives should follow the SMART criteria.

VMOST - Strategies


Strategies are the areas of focus which the organisation believes will achieve the objectives.

VMOST - Tactics


These are the actual change projects that will fulfil the strategies. Tactics fall into one of the following following types of change; 1) Product, 2) People, Process or Org, 3) Technology, 4) Marketing

Staged Process
VMOST - Brainstorming


A skeleton outline of a number of linked Visions, Missions, Objectives, Strategies and Tactics

VMOST - Refinement


Mission, Objectives, Strategies, Tactics are refined and estimated at a high level

VMOST - Reflection


Budget constraints are applied to ensure the scope provides the optimal Return On Investment

VMOST - Reality


Tactics are planned against a timeframe with work aligned to teams to create Strategy pivot points

VMOST Outputs (The Boards)

The key outputs of the VMOST sessions are two physical boards, the Mission Board and the Mission Planner. These boards generate conversations and act as an incubator for new ideas during product and change delivery. The also ensure that investment is being made in the right thing at the right time.

Mission Board
Near Far Further Plan
Mission Planner

Mission Board

VMOST Canvas Mission Board Strategy Plan