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Badchester United FC

Our Culture

Here at Badchester United we are aware of the saying that "culture eats strategy for breakfast", and we know that will never achieve what we want unless we have solid foundations within the club.

This is why we have invested in defining the beliefs and values of Badchester United. This lets us ensure constancy across the whole club, both on and off the pitch. We build on these core principles internally to guide our culture and externally to showcase our club brand around the world.


We are the best. We know we are. We also know that because we are the best, we are an examples for others so we believe in being fair in everything we do. This means we value:

  • Doing the right thing -over- doing anything to get results
  • Equality -over- discrimination
  • Emotional Intelligence -over- self-centredness


This means we value:

  • Truthfulness -over- Creating false truths
  • Candour -over- guardedness
  • Taking ownership of actions -over- Blaming others
Hard Graft

We want to achieve great things. Unfortunately the truth is that this will not be easy, but we believe that putting the effort in will allow us to reap the rewards later. This means we value:

  • Learning how -over- asking someone to do it
  • Setting stretched targets -over- chasing easy goals
  • Celebrating the achievement -over- Vague praise