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Simple yet powerful agile strategy tool. Eliminate wasted investment by focusing teams on delivering the right thing at the right time to achieve your strategic goals

VMOST examples

The trickiest part of using the VMOST Canvas is often assigning ideas to the correct V-M-O-S-T layer. The examples below show how the layers could be applied to well known organisations.


Generic Examples

  • Google VMOST Mission Board

    This image shows how a VMOST Mission Board could be implemented within Google across its portfolio of products.

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  • Apple VMOST Mission Board

    Illustration showing how the VMOST Canvas toolkit could be used to structure investment decisions across the Apple Estate.

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Examples which contain VMOST

  • The BAD Loans Company

    Implementation of the RRPD blueprint within a Fintech environment. This example illustrates how an idea (a self service customer portal) transitions from strategic alignment through to go-live.

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  • BAD Football Club

    Example of how a Football club (Badchester United) can implement the toolkit to define its value and culture and ensure startegic alignment at all levels.

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