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VMOST examples

The trickiest part of using the VMOST Canvas is often assigning ideas to the correct V-M-O-S-T layer. The examples below show how the layers could be applied to well known organisations.


Generic Examples

  • Google VMOST Mission Board

    This image shows how a VMOST Mission Board could be implemented within Google across its portfolio of products.

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  • Apple VMOST Mission Board

    Illustration showing how the VMOST Canvas toolkit could be used to structure investment decisions across the Apple Estate.

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Examples which contain VMOST

  • The BAD Loans Company

    Implementation of the RRPD blueprint within a Fintech environment. This example illustrates how an idea (a self service customer portal) transitions from strategic alignment through to go-live.

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  • BAD Football Club

    Example of how a Football club (Badchester United) can implement the toolkit to define its value and culture and ensure startegic alignment at all levels.

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