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VMOST Toolkit

The toolkit

The VMOST Canvas is a strategy planning framework that rapidly allows stakeholders to gain a high level understanding of desired changes in their organisation. It presents these changes in the context of how they fit in with the strategic and long term vision of the business.

The framework links both the desired destination (the Vision) with the changes (the Tactics) to ensure that all investment focuses on value and taking the business forward in the correct direction.

The framework also highlights where additional changes may need to be identified in order to achieve some of the objectives.

  • Mission Board

    The Mission Board helps teams align their ideas for change into a clear and tangible route to achieving their Vision of the future. Understanding what we should do, and why, avoids wasted costs and effort by identifying the right Tactics to consider.

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  • Near Far Further Planner

    By focusing on maximum ROI, the Near Far Further Plan allows prioritisation of the tactics into the optimal running order of the changes to fit the organisational budgetary or other constraints

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  • Mission Planner

    The Mission Planner allows the upcoming work to be assigned to the delivery teams, highlighting dependencies as well as other non strategic work and critical dates.

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