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Three Amigos

The Three Amigos is a regular workshop session where the perspectives of three roles come together to discuss a requirement before it is passed to the team to implement. This workshops looks at:

  • Business Analysis – The business view (how will it be used?)
  • Technical Elaboration – The technical view (how will it be built?)
  • Test Analysis – The assurance or test view (how will we know that it’s done, and that it works?)
As required
Key Focus: Decomposition of Epics into smaller work items
Product Owner, Business Analyst & 3-Amigos

Business Analysis

  • The BA is responsible for pitching the Story in the form of the Initial Analysis (see previous stage) to the other Amigos
  • The BA ensures that the 3-Amigo team have covered the key discussion points and help clarify any questions regarding the requirement
  • The BA can deputise on behalf of the PO for low level decision making in the delivery of the story
  • Has overall responsibility of the Story – ensuring that it meets INVEST criteria and any changes to the acceptance criteria have been captured.

Tech Elaboration

  • Usually a Tech Lead or Developer who takes responsibility for the technical viewaround delivery – ensuring that a viable solution is in place
  • Focuses on Services components and anyoverarching NFRs that need to be met
  • May require support from Designers or architects
  • Calls out any external dependencies needed that may prevent the story being delivered in the next sprint

Test Analysis

  • Drives the “Quality” conversation within the 3-Amigos
  • Works with Technical Lead to ensure clear NFRs for the story are identified (Performance, Accessibility, Responsiveness, Resilience, Integrity, Scalability, Security, Supportability)
  • Uses 3-Amigo stage to write BDD Test Scenarios
  • Identifies any wider testing needed for the story such as Exploratory and regression testing