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Concept Prototype

Concept Prototype

This stage concentrates on getting rapid feedback from the actual end users. This enables the team to assess the viability of the concepts without an internal bias and then pivot the concept to suit the needs of the customers. The tools used in this stage will depend on the target users – ie a customer facing idea will require an UI prototype, whereas a system to system idea will be more technical prototype

1-2 days
Key Focus: What would it look like to the customer?
Business Analyst, Designer, Solutions Architect, Tech Lead, Product Owner

Validation Mechanism

  • Upfront agreement on how we will test the concept
  • This drives the format used for concept will be portrayed to the end user
  • $100 experiment, Crowd Sourced Feedback, API Sandbox, etc

Segments & Personas

  • Identification of which customer Segments the idea will target
  • Example Personas from each Segment created to allow the team to get targeted feedback

Paper Prototypes

  • Used if concept targets real world users (ie build a new website)
  • Level 0 / Lo-fi granularity

API Prototypes

  • Used if concept targets systems (ie build a service)
  • Based on UML sequence diagram to illustrate how information would flow between systems.
  • Could be mocked up to create sandbox if necessary
  • Optional – dependant on idea