Agile Discovery and rapid customer centric validation. Quickly prove ideas will deliver expected benefits before investing money in them.

Discovery Overview

Discovery overview helps the team plan the best way to spend the next few days in helping the Product Owner choose the right solution to invest in next. This allows rapid prototyping allows the team to garner feedback for the concept to ensure that the idea is still conceptually viable.

60 minutes
Key Focus: Idea
Product Owner, Discovery Team

Discovery Plan

Discovery Plan
  • Defines the duration of the Discovery period
  • Creates a timetable of which sessions are happening when and where, and what the outputs will be
  • Allows the team to identify which activities can run in parallel
  • Focusing on the time frame forces the team to prioritise the important aspects of the inception activities

Idea Recap

Idea Recap
  • Initial idea is played back to the Discovery Team by the Product Owner (or idea owner).
  • Discussion on why the Product Owner wants to do it – strategy alignment, cost / benefit, etc.