Agile Discovery and rapid customer centric validation. Quickly prove ideas will deliver expected benefits before investing money in them.

Expected Benefits

Session focused on aligning the idea to expected benefits. At this point the aim is to ensure that we can assign a high level benefit to the idea so we can use this as a way of assessing if the concept is likely to deliver on them.

2 hours
Key Focus: Idea Benefit
Product Owner, Business Analyst

KPI Metric Grid

KPI Metric Grid
  • Defines which KPIs / SMART objectives is the concept aiming to move
  • Tiered definition of success for KPIs are used to help with evolve / pivot / rollback decisions

Intangible Benefits

Intangible Benefits
  • Identification of any additional (Intangible) benefits
  • Includes benefits that don’t map to KPIs such as enhanced User Experience, Increased Brand Image, Job Satisfaction, etc.