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Agile Inception: align the team for success. Techniques to allow teams to align on what they are going to deliver.

Key Individuals

These sessions will rapidly identify the key roles and individuals who will be at the centre of the project. This allows the team to focus on the needs of the end user and engage with the right person at the right time

½ day
Key Focus: Individuals Involved
Product Owner, Business Analyst, Tech Lead, SM, Inception Team

Project Team (Core & Extended)

  • Definition of the Roles needed to deliver the project
  • Individual names are assigned to the roles to ensure that there are no capacity issues
  • Identification of if the role is core (i.e. Engineers who are 100% focused on the project) or extended (i.e. SMEs who only required for an aspect of the project)

Customers & Personas

  • Understanding of who are the users of the end solution
  • Personas used to drive out behavioural needs and requirements, especially the creation of the design / UX solution
  • Straw man Personas created on the back of the output of discovery. These can be filled in separately as inception progresses

Stakeholder Management

  • Identification of stakeholders impacted by the project
  • Integrates with the requirements to ensure nothing is missed
  • Clear approach defined on who will / how to manage the various parties
  • Generates communication strategies and plans for the project