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Agile Inception: align the team for success. Techniques to allow teams to align on what they are going to deliver.


Aim of the session is to understand the mid level functional requirements (epics) that will form the project backlog.

The requirements are captured in a Theme / Epic / Story structure to allow the epics to be grouped together (parent Themes) as well as providing an initial scope for each (child stories). All project requirements are captured – carving the project up into shippable releases will come at a later stage of inception

Initial 1 day followed by ongoing design work
Key Focus: Mid Level Requirements (Epics)
Product Owner, Business Analyst, UX / UI Designer, Tech Lead, Test Lead

Project Mind-Map (PTEST Requirements)

  • Visualisation of the project requirement hierarchy
  • Includes both user facing functionality and technical work
  • Forms the project requirements backlog
  • Usually generated by the BA & PO – but in the presence of the Designer, Tech Lead and Test Lead
  • Requirements will feed into Technical, Business and Design solutions

Design / UX

  • Design solution derived from the Project Requirements
  • Incremental evolution of designs during the course of the Inception Period
  • Level 1 / Level 2 designs build on the paper prototypes used during the discovery stage
  • Will evolve the project requirements as the solution drives potentially new functionality