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Agile Inception: align the team for success. Techniques to allow teams to align on what they are going to deliver.

Value Realisation

Understanding and maximising the value and return on investment is key to increasing confidence in the identified benefits associated with the project.

1 day
Key Focus: Project Delivery Plan
Product Owner, Business Analyst, Tech Lead, Scrum Master

Cost / Benefits

  • By identifying the duration of the project, and we know the burn rate of the team we can work out the cost to the project.
  • Any other costs (such as technology) will be identified as part of the technical solution.
  • Benefits analysis will be undertaken based on the CSFs and the high level expected benefits which came out of Discovery

Release Proposition

  • The project is divided into a number of discrete shippable releases, each with an associated benefit.
  • The scope and value of each release can be identified from on the release points identified in the Epic Board
  • Business Change activities can be overlaid onto the release proposition, to identify tasks needed ahead of go-live
  • Each release represents a pivot point for the project based onitsKPIs

ROI Projections

  • Cost / Benefit values are turned into ROI projections based on the Release Proposition and the epic board
  • ROI is shown over the lifetime of the project
  • The aim is to try and move the break even point of the project as far to the left as possible. This is done by realising value as early as possible
  • By mapping out ROI projections, the content and order of the releases may change to maximise the opportunity.
  • Prioritisation includes placeholders for the SDLC (iebug fixing post release)

Project KPIs

  • KPIs for the project are identified from the CSFs generated during the Inception Kick Off.
  • The releases can overlay the KPIs to set expectation levels which will generate Evolve / Pivot / Roll back decisions.
  • KPIs should map to the information on the concept card to provide the next level of granularity on how we will know the idea was correct.