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Agile Inception: align the team for success. Techniques to allow teams to align on what they are going to deliver.

Kick Off

The aim of the inception period is to bring the team together to understand the project ahead of starting work. It also acts as an opportunity to review the high level outputs of the discover stage to ensure that the project is still viable from a cost benefit point of view.

Inception usually lasts for approximately 2 weeks, or 10% of the expected project duration and begins with a kick off session. During this session, the team focuses on creating a plan for the Inception stage, identifying what areas will be looked at on what day. This helps structure Inception and also identify any key individuals that may need to be involved.

90 Minutes
Key Focus: Project
Product Owner, Inception Team

Inception Plan

  • Defines the duration of the Inception period
  • Creates a timetable of which sessions are happening when and where, and what the outputs will be
  • Allows the team to identify which activities can run in parallel
  • Focusing on the time frame forces the team to prioritise the important aspects of the inception activities

Elevator Pitch

  • Concept pitched to team by the PO
  • Allows team to challenge and understand the aim of the project

Critical Success Factors

  • Generation of list of what success will be assed on (CSFs) for the end product.
  • CSFs are prioritised in order of importance
  • KPI metrics identified to support the assessment of CSF’s

Inception Team

  • Identify the roles and the individuals needed during the inception
  • Ensures that individuals have availability to be involved in the inception phase