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Agile Inception: align the team for success. Techniques to allow teams to align on what they are going to deliver.

Risk Management

All projects carry risks. The aim of the Risk Management aspect of Inception is to lower the overall risk of the project. This will result in a higher confidence that the delivery plan and ultimately the go / no go decision which are the outputs of Inception will be correct.

As required
Key Focus: Project Risks
Inception Team

Risk Management

  • All risks and the solutions to mitigate them are continually prioritised by the team during inception
  • Prioritisation is based on an assessment of Severity and Impact to the project
  • Any high priority risks are selected by the team and dealt with during the inception period.
  • Low priority risks can be dealt with after inception

POC / Spike / Investigation

  • The aim of the solution is not to de-risk the project completely, but to¬†lower the specific risk as quickly as possible
  • Problems are time boxed by the team with clear definitions of done for each risk
  • Clearing one risk may generate additional risks for the project approach which are prioritised against other risks.
  • Any risks that can not be mitigated may affect the go / no go decision at the end of inception